BlueStar (Tianjin) Chemical Co Ltd

Bluestar (Tianjin) Chemical Co Ltd, a subsidiary of China National Bluestar (Group) Co Ltd, is located in the Lingang economic zone of Tianjin, featuring mature infrastructure, rich resources, good location and convenient transportation.

The company is planning to build the Bluestar Tianjin South Port Chemical New Materials Industrial Park in the South Park Industrial Zone of Tianjin, with developing orientation to build the industrial park into a chemical new materials production base, which holds important status for the national new materials sector.

Key industries developed in the industrial park include the petroleum chemical sector with CPP as leading technology. It manufactures down-stream products, such as ethylene and propylene to show good marketing prospects with olefin and arene as raw materials.    

The growth of the industrial park would be closely related with functional orientation of the Binhai New Economic Zone in Tianjin. It relies on an advantageous location to achieve the maximum resources utilization, economic benefits with minimal environment pollution, including sustainable development of the China National Bluestar (Group) Co Ltd, along with expansion of the Binhai New Economic Zone.

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