Palladium Catalyst
Strip palladium catalyst


Product characteristic:

1. High hydrogenation activity, large production capability

2. Low operation requirement, long application life

3. Low production cost, few input cost.

Performance Index:

 Item Name

 Specific Index

 Production Capability

 3.3kgH2O2(100%)/kgcat.d (account 27.5% as 12kg)

Anthraquinone Consumption

≤0.6kg/tH2O2(27.5%);among which the first 3 months,

average consumption is

1.5kg/tH2O2(27.5%);3-12 months,

≤0.7kg/tH2O2(27.5%); after 12 months≤0.6kg/tH2O2(27.5%)

 Regeneration Cycle

 ≥6 months, activity recovery after regeneration≥95%

 Accelerant Consumption


 Application Life

 ≥4 years

 Initial Activity




 Bed Pressure Drop


 Abrasion Rate


Iron Content


 AL2O3 Content


 Crystal Formation

 γ or δ+θ(adjustable to the usage)

Pore Structure

 pore volume cubage≥0.6ml/g, specific surface Compare area≥120㎡/g

 The optimum using conditions

(1) Working liquid component: Total anthraquinone content≥135g/l;

(2) Solvent ratio:Ar:TOP≌75:25(V/V);

(3) Bed spray density:≥80m3/m2/h;

(4) Bed temperature:40~75℃;(5) Bed pressure:0.10~0.35MPa

 Packaging & Transportation

 20kg Packaged by paper bag barrel or iron barrel with double plastic bags, and pay attention to moisture.


Product Technology: The carrier is jointly developed by Liming Chemical Engineering Research Institute and a technical institution of an aluminum corporation, and the production process is broken down at different places. It uniformly mix boehmite、nitric acid and adhesive into wrought material, extrusion forming by spiral crowded strip machine, get strip active aluminum oxide carrier via drying、roasting. Then catalyst can be made by adding palladium into carrier. Its shape is cylindrical long strip.

 Production Scale: 300t/year

Product Usage: It is widely used in catalytic hydrogenation、absorptive removal fields of chemical industry、medical industry、environmental protection, such as anthraquinone hydrogenation in the hydrogen peroxide production、desulfurization、olefin de-acetylene、gas de-oxy purification.

Product Specification:

 Item Name

 Specific Index

 Other Description



 1. Palladium mass fraction is adjustable to the customer’s requirements, and the general amount of hydrogen peroxide is (0.3±0.02)%.

2. The strength is the average value, and the particle diameter is the maximum value.


 Light brown cylinder

 Palladium Mass Fraction,%


 Bulk Density,kg/L


 Crushing strength N/Cm

 ≥ 65

 Particle Diameter,mm


 Proportion of length in 5~20mm,%


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