Corporate Culture


[Descriptions] The acronym of “Liming” forms the shape of a mountain. It has two meanings: The man on the mountaintop is tiptop. It also means the institute is located at Mangshan Mountain in central China. “LRICI” is the abbreviation for the Liming Research Institute of the Chemical Industry. 

Corporate Mission

[Corporate Mission] Create opportunities for staff, value for clients and benefits for society

Staff stands at the cornerstone of corporate development. The enterprise should plan career development that would create a good platform for working conditions to create an atmosphere to boost creativity and initiatives, recognize individual values. Clients have become our lifeline. The company should focus on its clients to provide high-quality products and convenient services.

Corporate Vision

[Corporate Vision] Build China’s first-class and internationally-known scientific enterprise.

The enterprise has a first-class talent team, management, product, science and research facilities, good reputation for its services and benefits by promoting technological and management innovations and building a scientific and efficient operating mechanism for recruitment, appraisal and incentives mechanisms.

Corporate Values (operating concept)

Military products are the base, civil products revitalize the enterprise and talents strengthen

The Liming Research Institute was set up with “the two bombs and one satellite” strategic engineering project. It has assumed the R & D and production of liquid chemical propellants raw materials for the country since its establishment and has made important contributions to national defense, aerospace and aviation industries. A strong sense of mission, responsibilities and unselfish spirit remain precious and carried forward by Liming workers for generations.

The institute conducts project construction, develops industries with appropriate efforts to build the mechanism and management mode adaptable to industrialized development, integrates and optimizes resources allocation, to give full play to talents, fully utilizes resources and properties, and realize positive developments through following the market, scientific planning, decisive and elaborate organization.

Human resources are the core competency of the enterprise. Real competition is recruiting talents. The enterprise adheres to the principle of giving full play to recruit, train and keep future talents for a favorable business environment for staff to realize their wisdom and potential.

Corporate Culture

[Spirit] Entrepreneurship Innovation Solidarity Devotion

The spirit of relying on one's own strength, self-reliance and arduous struggles. The innovative spirit of perseverance; a team spirit to make concerted efforts and dedicated spirit for providing first-class products and technologies for society.

Code of Ethics

Love the country and abide by laws, courtesy and honesty, solidarity and friendliness, thrift and self-improvement, engagement and devotion

Code of conduct

Love the institute, engagement and devotion, observe laws and disciplines, and maintain social ethics

Diligence and thrifty, integrity and honesty

Clear division of public and private interests, honesty and self-discipline, keen to self-learning and brave with innovations

Respect for peers, solidarity and collaboration, client’s first and sincere services

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