Security & Environmental Protection
The LRICI started to pay attention to environmental protection as early as the beginning of 1970s. It carried out the study on organic chemical wastewater treatment by biochemical, gas phase catalytic oxidation, wet oxidation, hydrogen peroxide oxidation and ion exchange. It also completed research and pilot projects for the treatment of sewage from fuel production and dying process, high concentration organic wastewater from HTPB production, and fluoride sewage. It carried out research to support key issues and built production devices. The LRICI has been making continuous efforts on the research and development of new green technologies and products with the global environmental awareness growing.

ODS abatement project

LRICI is the first to develop and popularize the polyurethane rigid foam technology by CFC abatement in China. It has a number of alternatives to the CFC foaming technology, such as the fifty percent abatement CFCPUR foam production technology, HCFC-141bPUR foam production technology, zero ODP cyclopentane PUR foam production technology, all-water-blown PUR foam production technology and all-water-blown HR foam production technology. Two of them were listed as the ODS abatement technologies to promote in China by the Multilateral Fund of the United Nations (UN), and were given great support. The green technologies have been utilized by large enterprises in Shandong, Liaoning and other regions, and have achieved good economic and social benefits.

Industrial wastewater treatment by hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to treat a number of industrial wastewaters, and can help to reduce the oxygen and biochemical indicators (BOD) and the oxidation index (COD), as well as to control the fiber agglomerates in the secondary purification. Hydrogen peroxide’s function to control environmental pollution is based on its ability to conduct hydroxyl radical reactions with most organic matters at normal temperature, and the active hydroxyl radicals have a particularly strong oxidative degradation capability for organic matters. LRICI has grasped the technology to treat industrial wastewaters by hydrogen peroxide, and is able to treat a variety of organic wastewaters (1,000 ~ 6,000mg/L COD), with the treated water in accordance with the national effluent discharge standards.

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