Fluorinated Gas Material

Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) has good performance in insulating and arc extinguishing properties and is widely used in electrical equipment. The continuous high-speed development of China’s power industry in recent years has contributed to the rapid development of the high voltage switch industry, and has also spurred the fast expansion of SF6, which is used as the main content of the filling gas in switches. In addition, the high purity SF6 also gets more extensive use in the electronics industry in recent years, for instance, it is used increasingly wider as a good etching gas in the chip production process in the semiconductor industry. It can also be used as doping material in the isolation layer of single-mode optical fiber in other fields. It is also an important laser material.

Liming Research Institute of Chemical Industry (LRICI) is the first unit to research and develop the production technique of SF6 in China. It has achieved dozens of results in technical study and innovations in the research and development of SF6 in the past 40 years. Its comprehensive technological strength in fluorine and SF6 production has reached the leading level in China. The product quality has reached international advanced level, and some technology has reached the world’s leading level. The IRICI has forged 3,000t/yr industrial SF6 capacity now, accounting for about 50 percent of China’s domestic market and some products are shipped abroad.

The LRICI initiated the special fluorine-containing electronics chemicals research and development in 2001, relying on its technological advantage in the fluorine production, such as high-purity SF6, high purity nitrogen trifluoride, carbon tetrafluoride and tungsten hexafluoride. It has made significant progress in fluorine production by large-capacity electrolyzers, high-efficiency reaction synthesis, crude product purification, cryogenic distillation technology and technique research on “three wastes” treatment. It has built 500t/yr high purity SF6, 200t/yr high purity nitrogen trifluoride test devices and the 3,000t/yr industrial SF6 production facility with annual sales of 200 million yuan ($ 31.64 million) and annual foreign exchange earnings of $5 million.

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