Chemical Propellant Material

The LRICI, established in line with the requirement of the “two bombs and one satellite” strategy, is the only comprehensive research and development institute focusing on chemical propellant raw materials research and development in China. It has been responsible for the national research, development, and production tasks of the liquid chemical propellants and solid chemical propellant raw materials since established. It also provided a guarantee for the development and production of various strategic and tactical weapons, and the launch of manned aerospace engineering and satellites, thus to play a positive role in promoting the development of China’s national defense. It has developed dozens of liquid propellant, solid propellant raw materials as well as supporting materials for the military industry, and has formed batch supply capacity at different sizes for a variety of products, which were used in dozens of the weapons models in the past 40 years since established. It is an important contribution to the chemical propellants development in China and it also makes LRICI become a leading institute in the field of chemical propellant raw materials.

The LRICI has supplied a number of propellants and raw materials for the launch of the Shenzhou series of spacecrafts and Chang’e lunar exploration program. It was praised by the General Armament Department, Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry, Ministry of Personnel, and the China Manned Space Engineering Office.

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