Polyurethane Material

The LRICI is mainly engaged in various raw materials and additives research, development and production. The new polyurethane materials relate to rigid foam, flexible foam, semi-rigid foam, high resilience foam, adhesives and elastomers. The reaction injection molding (RIM) technology involves materials, such as polyurethane, polyurethane / polyurea and polydicyclopentadiene. The LRICI has made at least 60 technological achievements in this field, of which 24 reached the international advanced level, 12 received ministry or provincial-level awards, and more than ten items have been industrialized in the past more than two decades. It includes a 60,000t/yr polyurethane materials manufacturing equipment, 60,000t/yr RIM production line (car side of the guard, side guard strips) and a 20,000t/yr cast elastomer production line. Its share in the Chinese market has been expanding in recent years, and its annual sales of new polyurethane materials have exceeded 200 million yuan($ 31.40 million).

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