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LRICI’s Development and Design Institute was founded in 1965, consisting of the institute office, craft, equipment, apparatus and electrical rooms. It has a strong technology backbone team that holds various certificates, such as the Class A certificate for engineering design in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries (both inorganic chemicals and organic chemicals), Class B certificate for a full range of engineering design in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, Class B certificate for professional engineering consultation in the chemical industry, Class B certificate for engineering project contracting, and Class I, II and III qualification certificates for pressure vessel and pressure pipeline design. It is the technical expert in the industry, especially in the hydrogen peroxide device design which has reached the international advanced level. Its national defense chemicals development and design also take the leading position in China.

Based on hundreds of scientific research achievements, and targeting the design market both home and abroad, the institute is committed to the transformation of scientific research achievements to productive forces. It has completed hundreds of engineering consulting, design and contracting projects over the years. A number of the projects has won national and provincial awards, and created good social and economic effect for users and enterprises. Its hydrogen peroxide engineering design was used in over 20 cities throughout China, and was also adopted by overseas customers. The 100,000t/yr (27.5 percent) hydrogen peroxide plant built by Guangdong Zhongcheng Chemicals Inc adopting LRICI’s technology of anthraquinone method and palladium catalyst, was put into trial operation in 2002, and all indicators reached the international levels. The 40,000t/yr (27.5 percent) hydrogen peroxide project built by the Kingboard Chemical Holdings Ltd also won the first prize of the outstanding design award for the chemical industry in 2001.

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