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LRICI’s information center has undertaken a large number of researches for key national research topics and the subjects of “Eighth Five-Year Program” “Ninth Five-Year Program” “Tenth Five-Year Program,” and “Eleventh Five-Year Program”. The information center was rated as excellent in the first national oil and chemical industry professional institute examination.The National Chemical Propellant Information Station is also set in the center.

The information center’s library has more than 300,000 copies, including more than 14,000 large-scale chemical tool books, and the complete collection of Chemical Abstracts since it started publication in 1907. The center also edits and publishes the Chemical Propellant & Polymeric Materials that is published both home and abroad. The journal mainly collects research papers, monographies and reviews, production practical experience and innovations, new products and new knowledge and information, domestic and international science and technology newsletters and market movements that relate to polymer materials, such as polyurethane, adhesives, coatings, and engineering plastics, as well as propellant raw materials and fine chemical products.

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