Li Junxian 

Li Junxian, a chemical synthesis expert and one of the founders of the domestic chemical propellant raw materials sector, has been engaged in organic chemical research. He has produced unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine by chloramine used for missiles, methyl hydrazineused for efficient pesticides and long-life satellite attitude control, such as Dong Fang Hong-3 communication satellite and Shenzhou spacecraft, as well as the torpedo propellant-3 with nitrate ester as the main component, which has been used as thermal power torpedo propellant in the country. Li directed the pilot study of the hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene used in solid propellant, which met demands of more than 30 kinds of rockets and missiles. He won many awards since the 1950s, including first prize by the Ministry of Chemical Industry, second prize of National Science and Technology Progress and second prize of the National Invention Award.

Li is one of the pioneers of polyurethane reaction injection molding technology in the nation. When he was the president of the Liming Research Institute of Chemical Industry, he developed many civil projects. He led polyurethanes R&D, overcoming technical difficulties and made more than 20 scientific achievements and formed new technologies for key raw materials, formulations, processing skills, mold design and production. Numerous workshops and production lines have been built with products sold in automobile manufacturing companies in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Wuhan, as well as in household appliances, furniture, building materials, oil field, mines, aviation and railways.

Li Junxian, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), has contributed to CAE’s chemical, metallurgical and material engineering division. He participated in the compilation of the “Eleventh Five-Year Program” by the State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry in 2005 and 2006.

The National Conference on Science and Technology awarded Li Junxian the “Key Contribution Award for Advanced Worker” for his contributions to national defense and economic construction in 1987. He was awarded “Advanced Science and Technology Worker” and the “May Day Labor Medal” by China Federation of Trade Union. He was named, “National Outstanding Expert” by the State Council, “National Advanced Worker”, approved to enjoy special government allowances by the State Council and was awarded, “Advanced Worker for Tackling Key Problems in the Seventh Five-Year Program Period by the State Science and Technology Commission from 1988 to 1991.

Over the past years, he has put forward proposals on planning and technological innovations for the research institute and trained young scientists. Li stands as a model of scientific and technological workers for his dedication.

Hu Changcheng  

Hu Changcheng is an expert engaged in early chemical propellant developments in the country. The mixed amine -02 that was developed by him won first prize of National New Product Development in 1964 and his nitroxylene hydrogenation catalyst won fourth prize of National Invention Award. Hu is the founder of anthraquinone based hydrogen peroxide technology in the country. He developed the nickel catalyst suspended kettle hydrogenated based on anthraquinone process in 1965, which won the Key Scientific and Technological Achievement Award by the National Conference on Science. He upgraded the process, applying the technology to dozens of factories and enterprises. The technology was awarded second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress in 1986. In the late 1970s, Hu conducted research on the fixed bed palladium catalyst hydrogenation technology to meet developments of the hydrogen peroxide production and applications. He has completed experiments on catalyst preparation and selection, process control and operation, analysis and measurements. The project was awarded second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress in 1995. Hu upgraded the spherical palladium catalyst and was granted second prize by the National Petrochemical Bureau in 1999. He organized the development of hydrogen peroxide refining and concentrating process and its supporting raw materials. China’s hydrogen peroxide output increased based on the anthraquinone hydrogen peroxide production process and met growing demand. The nation used to produce hydrogen peroxide by electrolysis, high energy-consuming, small production scale and outdated process. The anthraquinone method can save huge energy resources compared with the electrolysis method.

Hu was awarded the title, advanced worker and model worker, five times for his contribution to national defense and economic construction in 1978, 1979, 1985, as well as 1989 by Henan province and the Ministry of Chemical Industry respectively. He was named, National Organization and Management Advanced Individual for National Defense, Military and Industry Collaboration in 1985. He was approved to enjoy special government allowances in 1991 and selected as the National Advanced Worker in 1995, as well as winner of the first Hou Debang Scientific Award for the chemical industry in 1999.

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