Talent Concept

Liming Research Institute of Chemical Industry is in charge of new chemical materials and chemical propellant raw materials research and development. The research institute includes 832 workers, 419 of them hold bachelor’s degrees or higher, one academician of China Engineering Academy, six experts with State Council special allowances, as well as 23 professor level senior engineers, 125 senior engineers and 172 engineers.

Talent Concept: To bring in talents from development; promotes development by talents.

Human resources deserve priority. Enterprises are competing against each other to recruit talents. Those aiming to succeed must bring them in. Opportunities and good conditions should be provided for them to tap their potential.

We provide a learning atmosphere rather than a comfortable environment;

We promise space for improvements, instead of splendor.

We listen to complaints but we encourage resolutions to problems.

We advocate transcendence, not complacency.

We are not suitable for everybody, but only for those enthusiastic and persistent persons motivated to learn.

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