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Liming Research Institute passes clean production examination
Source: Liming Research Institute Date: 2012-08-30

Luoyang Environmental Protection Bureau dispatched an inspection team to examine our clean production work. After looking around experts concluded our clean production deserved a passing score.

Vice President Wang Huaju delivered a summary report on our efforts in clean production. Liming Institute's leaders paid much attention to it since we applied for launching the clean production examination in September 2011. General Manager Li Zhiqiang served as group leader to strengthen decision-making management of clean production. Through formulation of the clean production inspection plan and continued clean production mechanism, responsibilities for clean production have been distributed to each unit and every individual; so all staff can participate in the examination. After in-depth implementation, we have carried out 37 low costs/free proposals and 4 medium/high expenses programs. The gas-making furnace of the Hydrogen Peroxide Factory was appraised by leaders and experts. After adoption of clean production programs, our company got economic, environmental and social benefits, realizing our targets.

Gao Jun, director of Enterprise Management Department, delivered a technical report about our implementation. He briefed on basic information of production and environmental protections, and focusing on the specific work for seven stages of clean production.

With scene investigations and data collection, all leaders and experts of the inspection team concluded that the Liming Research Institute operated a sound mechanism for clean productions and its discharged pollutants had met standards; while energy-savings and emissions reductions are remarkable; medium/high costs programs had been implemented. Meanwhile, experts suggested some corrections for clean production reporting. The inspection team concluded that our company passed the clean production test.

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